Despite the Downpour, Saturday’s Peaceful Assembly a Success

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Despite the Downpour, Saturday’s Peaceful Assembly a Success

Ashley and I would like to thank everyone who joined us at Saturday’s peaceful assembly at Toronto City Hall. Despite 18 hours of straight rain starting Friday night, the weather could not dampen our spirits.

Having so many people come out and stand in the pouring rain is a testament to how passionate so many of us are about getting hydrofluorosilicic acid out of our water supply. Commonly referred to as fluoride, this acid is highly toxic and has been shown by the National Sanitation Foundation to be contaminated with arsenic, mercury and radionuclides.

We started this campaign just a few months ago and have already made a significant impact. We are close to having almost 2,000 signatures on the petition to end fluoridation in Toronto. We are not alone. The public is quickly waking up to the reality of forced water fluoridation.
In case you missed it, here is a short video clip of the day’s event:

This is only the beginning. Please contact your city councillor and let them know that you want fluoride out of our drinking water. Stay tuned for more updates and for the next peaceful assembly… Our voices will be heard.

3 thoughts on “Despite the Downpour, Saturday’s Peaceful Assembly a Success

  1. Lets have another one SOON
    What if, just what if, we had one every day? Or every week.. maybe that would at least bring mainstream media us
    Lets go on the steps of city hall till they force us out, if they force us out

  2. I love what you guys are doing! Please organize another one this year so I can attend.

    The rest of the city would all be so thankful, if they werent dumbed down by years of water poisioning.

    • Thanks James! We have set the date for June 6, 2014. Please check us out on Facebook for more details! Search for “unfluoridate me” 🙂

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