GMO Labeling in Canada – Bill C-291 Debate May 5th, 2017

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While two thirds of Canadians have access to water supplies free of the toxic chemical hydrofluosilicic acid, commonly known as fluoride, the remaining and highly unfortunate one third of us are forced to ingest this disgusting industrial waste product on an ongoing basis. For the roughly 10 to 12 million of us Canadians who are forced to ingest fluoride, how many people asked for this practice to begin? How many people requested hydrofluosilicic acid be added to their water supply?

While I don’t have the exact answers to these questions, through my experience speaking with hundreds if not thousands of Canadians, I do know that the majority of Canadians have no idea what is being added to the water supply let alone the efficacy of such product on the teeth or the potential harm on the rest of our bodies and minds. Our water bills don’t advertise the cost of adding fluoride to the water supply; no attempt is made to truly promote public education on the subject. I feel a strange and lingering likelihood that, to the powers that be, water fluoridation is a subject better left alone so as not to stir up the possibility of the public asking questions. A covert war using censorship to evade the truth, with wisps of “scientific” propaganda to quell meaningful inquiry.

Now, a new and equally covert war is being waged against the Canadian public via our food supply – Genetically modified foods (GMOs) have gone mainstream. Almost all of the canola oil (rapeseed) and sugar beet, over 80% of the corn and approximately two thirds of the soybeans in Canada are genetically modified.

Could you imagine? The majority of these products have been engineered using the DNA of an entirely different species for specific outcomes and the majority of Canadians don’t even know it. From what I understand, there are two main purposes to genetically modify a food:

Roundup Ready

Herbicides are extremely powerful weed killers. However, chemical herbicides such as Glyphosate, do not differentiate between weeds and crops. This means the more herbicide you use, the more potential damage to the crops themselves. Scientists from Monsanto found a way to circumvent the crops becoming damaged. They took the DNA of a bacteria they found to be resistant to these herbicides, and installed it into the DNA of corn. The corn was then able to withstand higher levels of toxic, potentially carcinogenic herbicide, like glyphosate, without dying.

The result? More herbicide on your plate.

BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis)

Why pay for expensive insecticides when you can engineer your crop to produce its own insecticide? Well that is exactly what happened with BT corn and cotton. The DNA of a specific bacteria that produces a protein poisonous to certain pests, was inserted into the DNA of corn so when an insect would eat it, its stomach would explode.

The result? More insecticide on your plate.

I am not a genius, however I know that ingesting more chemical herbicides, or plants that produce their own insecticides, is probably not the best thing for my health. Regardless, I have been denied my right to know because the Government of Canada has not allowed simple labeling of food products containing GMOs. The official narrative is that GMOs have been proven safe and that labeling would incite fear in the masses of something worthy of praise rather than indignation.

I am not asking for the termination of genetically modified foods. All I am asking for is a label indicating where my food comes from. Whether it was created in the natural world… or in a lab. That’s it.

Now you can ask for the truth as well. It is our right to know. This May 5th there will be a debate in parliament with the people who represent us:

  1. Check out Thunderclap –
  2. Send your MP a message! – 
  3. Buy organic, or at least look at the PLU # on the produce you purchase at the grocery store.
    1. #4 means “Conventional”
    2. #8 means GMO
    3. #9 means Organic

I know I run a fluoride website but this issue is too important for me to just stand by. There is absolutely ZERO media coverage of this important debate/vote. The connection with our food is gone. Things being grown, chemicals being sprayed, for what reason? For profit? For output? Meanwhile we are the lab rats eating what we are told is okay. That just won’t do. We need to be told the truth so that we can make our own decisions. Don’t convince me that something is right or wrong, just tell me what it is and I can make my own damn decision.

Back to fluoride shortly…

6 thoughts on “GMO Labeling in Canada – Bill C-291 Debate May 5th, 2017

  1. why its so quiet about GMO???? where is media??? I DEMAND LABELING!!! if anyone disagree, its their choice, I choose and I DO HAVE RIGHTS to know what I am eating and with what I am feeding my family!!!
    I absolutely do not care about impact of labeling on food monster-corporation , as THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY!!!! on a top I am praying for all of them go bankruptcy!!!! mb then respect to hard-working farmers would be returned!!!

    • Thank you for your feedback Jeanna. The most infuriating thing about this situation is that we are simply asking for a label. Whether or not something is safe, effective, better, cheaper, etc… the end user should always have the right to make an informed decision about what they buy or consume; just like fluoride in water. By denying the people information, we are running into an Orwellian level of censorship that is unacceptable.

      • Thanks Danny !!!
        BUT …. . what we can do to achieve simple result- just to get TRUE info about product we buy??? looks like MP just blah blah blah… who is really in charge??? corporations ??? with big fat cat bosses??? in this case if we wont united – we wont succeed…..

        • Absolutely unbelievable that the vast majority of Canadians want simple GMO labeling however the vast majority of Liberal MPs voted against labeling thus against the wishes of the people. The corruption and political agenda is so obvious it is a complete mockery of democracy.

          • hi Danny, yes yes yes, well said and absolutely true!!!!
            MP CHOSEN, elected by us. And they suppose to reflect our opinions, but in reality they are faaaaar from us…..
            what is happening with “normal”people when they gets elected??? or they are not normal in the first place??? do they care about anything or just once get to the feeder – their brain turned off????

          • When the people begin to utilize their representatives, instead of this circus of zero-accountability, it will be amazing what will happen when the government begins to move for us. We must call, we must write, we must hold our elected representatives accountable. Otherwise it is just business as usual with direction coming solely from the top. Call your MP/MPP any chance you get… they do take notice 🙂

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