National (Com)Post Newspaper Urges Caution on Fluoride Study Versus Caution on Child Brain Health

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In my opinion, the National Post is a terrible newspaper. I have almost entirely stopped reading mainstream media newspapers other than to see what our controllers would like us to believe and I highly recommend you do the same. The good news is that the majority of mainstream media newspapers here in Toronto and abroad are getting decimated by alternatives in our new digital age where the people are waking up and are hungrier than ever for the truth and real news.

When was the last time you saw someone reading a newspaper?

In a recent and highly despicable move by the National Post, author Sharon Kirkey published an article titled “Researchers urge caution over study linking fluoride exposure in pregnancy to lower IQs in children.” This NP trash article was in reference to a research paper recently published in Environmental Health Perspectives that took 12 years to put together and was supported by three national institutes. The study, Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico, concluded that “higher prenatal fluoride exposure… was associated with lower scores of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 6-12y.”

So let me get this straight Sharon… Instead of taking caution on potentially lowering the IQ of your children, we should take caution on the 12 year study itself that has been published exposing this potentially detrimental link?

Let me put it right back at you Sharon Kirkey: What study conclusively proves that ingesting fluoride decreases tooth decay?

Name one please. Any study. Anything at all which we shouldn’t take caution over and which proves beyond any word of a doubt that we should be adding hydrofluosilicic acid (fluoride) to our water supplies in unending quantities for all to consume with no limits.

We are adding a toxic, poisonous chemical to our water supply and you cannot provide one conclusive study showing this practice actually works but we, the people, should take caution over a study linking fluoride ingestion to lower IQ.

National Post is FAKE NEWS. No one will be sad the day you go bankrupt…. and that day is coming real quick.

3 thoughts on “National (Com)Post Newspaper Urges Caution on Fluoride Study Versus Caution on Child Brain Health

  1. > _hydrofluosilicic acid (fluoride) to our water supplies in unending quantities for all to consume with no limits._

    I should commend you on fitting so much bunk into one sentence.
    (a) RE: “unending quantities”, “no limits” – err nope. It’s strictly mandated to under 1PPM w/ checks & balances that have worked well, all over the world, for nearly a century. If what you were saying was true, one would find the type of severe skeletal fluorosis and mental retardation they found in the so-called “Harvard Study” in areas that fluoridate to 1PPM or lower, BUT THAT HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND – EVER.

    Your camp is so desperate to try to match conclusions to your pre-conceived notions that you’ve gone to the lengths of COMPLETELY MISREPRESENTING STUDIES! The “Harvard Studies”, & various other’s that came from China – were in areas THAT NEVER FLUORIDATED! (do you all just take Mercola & Natural News at face value?! It’s as if none of you READ the studies!) Newsflash: Fluoridation is BANNED IN CHINA. The areas profiled were the NATURAL of F- concentrration was 400% to 1500% the level used in Fluoridation, areas where severe skeletal fluorosis & retardation were known problems for GENERATIONS. Do you know what has NEVER CAUSED skeletal fluorosis or retardation – 1PPM or lower concentrations of F-; again: thousands of studies & nearly a century of use all over the world would have revealed harm, it would be plain as day, but this is NOT THE CASE.

    As a side-note: New England Journal of Medicine profiled a recent case of a woman who go skeletal fluorosis from excess tea drinking. Unlike fluoridation, tea often DOES have sufficient concentration to be of concern, I’ve seen a cup of Canada bought tea at 5PPM. The tea plant is known for absorbing & ‘holding’ fluoride — VERY DIFFERENT from US (assuming most of us are human), F- is neither absorbed nor held by soft tissue, & only trace levels permeate the blood-brain barrier (less than 15%).

    Let me say it again: after nearly a century of use all over the world there has NEVER BEEN ANY EVIDENCE showing harm at 1PPM or lower. Billions of people have bathed, drank & consumed plants & animals that did the same for ENTIRE LIFETIMES, including the young, old & immuno-compromised – and there’s absolutely no evidence of harm (and plenty of evidence showing efficacy; starting w/ the Texas Teeth saga, the Newburg v Kingston trial & the myriad that followed)

    (b) Hydrofluorosilicic acid was/is *NOT ADDED TO THE WATER SUPPLY!* Complete bunk!
    FSA, aka Fluorosilicic Acid, aka Hydro or Hexafluorosilicic acid IS: *H3O2SiF6*. Note Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O), Silicone (Si) & Fluorine (F). HA SOLUTION is NEUTRALISED to produce *FLUOROSILICATE SALT*. The book-worm infested chem text on my lap details that: *(H3O)2SiF6 (Hexafluorosilic Acid) + 2 NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) → Na2SiF6 (fluorosilicate salt) + 4 H2O (water!)*
    It’s _Na2SiF6 that’s added to water_ to get the approx 1 PARTS PER MILLION (PPM) of Fluoride mandated in most regions. 1PPM is _LESS THAN THE AVERAGE NATURALLY OCCURRING CONCENTRATION OF 97% of the water ON THIS PLANET (yes – I am talking about our oceans, mean F- level is >1PPM)!_ In fact – it’s almost impossible to find F- free water on this planet, we are talking about the 13th most abundant element on this planet’s surface.

    Fluoridation in the Americas was merely a means of giving the benefit of the natural “Texas Teeth” phenomenon to ALL. THIS was a WELL DOCUMENTED MEDICAL INVESTIGATION yet the anti-F- camp seems to be missing this as well. I’ve seen Anti-F-ers (weak pun, sorry) claim that the “science was manufactured so they could sell Fluoride” — JAW DROP-RIDICULOUS given Fluoride’s unique atomic properties have ALWAYS MADE it valuable in concentrated forms! It’s found in most modern drugs & it’s integral to bring down melting temp of industrial metals among many more u$e$!

    Lastly : yet another bit of misinformation the anti-F- camp likes to use as a deflection from inability to show harm at 1 PPM or lower is that some developed nations don’t do it. This is a “half truth” at best. Anti-F- fear monger sites list Germany and France as non-fluoridation nations – LAUGHABLE RUBBISH given the fact that BOTH Fluoridate their salt (& I believe Milk fluoridation is used there too, on a smaller scale)… Many other nations don’t fluoridate because the natural F- levels are consistently within the .5-1PPM range .
    Germany stopped fluoridation in the 70s against scientific & esp dental recommendations (akin to removal of Thimerisol from vaccines; politicians pandering to pseudoscience fear), they recommended people take & esp give their children FLUORIDE TABLETS. This didn’t catch on so in 1991 they began to FLUORIDATE MOST OF THE SALT (just as we Iodise our salt)

    0 evidence of harm, plenty of evidence of efficacy and a whole lotta deflection from folks whose only argument is that F- is technically a neurotoxin… PARACELSUS, father of toxicology, would be turning in his grave – the central tenant of toxicology: Dosage makes (or breaks) the poison… Formaldehyde probably scare you too, yet – if you are a healthy human being, it’s coursing through your veins, essential to amino acid formation. Dosage makes the poison. At a certain dosage it’s essential to life; at others its harmful… The same can actually be said of EVERY SUBSTANCE: inc water (can kill by hyponutremia) and oxygen (oxygen toxicity is nasty way to go).

    • When we end fluoridation, you should go get yourself a prescription for 1mg “fluoride” pills that you can take for the rest of your life with every liter of water. Better yet, you should start your own pro-fluoride blog and tell everyone to get a prescription. Plenty of evidence of efficacy? Name one study proving fluoride works through ingestion.

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