Toronto City Councillors’ Stances on Water Fluoridation in Toronto

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Toronto City Councillors’ Stances on Water Fluoridation in Toronto

Over the past few months, concerned citizens (including myself and Danny) have been contacting Toronto City Councillors regarding their stances on water fluoridation. While some were quite forthcoming with their thoughts, sadly, exactly half were completely silent on the issue. The city councillors who did not respond were contacted at least 2-3 times via e-mail and/or telephone, but still would not disclose a stance. Some also said they would respond, but never did, and others refused to respond unless I provided them with my telephone number and home address.

Of those forthcoming, several were concerned about the health risks associated with drinking artificially fluoridated water.  For example, Jaye Robinson stated, “I’m concerned about the issue and, personally, I use a water filter at home”. Ron Moeser also stated, “I have been keeping up-to-date on this issue and have concerns with some of the possible health issues related to fluoridation”.

Other councillors, although undecided, wanted to learn more about the issue and asked that I provide them with information. Josh Matlow’s secretary asked that I send more information about the pros and cons of water fluoridation so that the councillor could make an evidence-based decision. Paula Fletcher’s secretary also said that Councillor Fletcher thinks it would be useful for the staff to gather more information and study fluoridation to ensure that it is not harmful given the public’s concern. Of course it would have been ideal for city councillors to research water fluoridation before voting on it in 2011! But at least some are willing to examine the issue now.

Out of Toronto’s 22 city councillors who responded, only 6 expressed concerns about the artificial fluoridation of Toronto’s public water supply or an interest in learning more about it, and therefore, the majority supported it. The common thread among water fluoridation supporters was deference to Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, rather than an understanding of the peer-reviewed research pertaining to its health effects or efficacy in preventing dental decay.

Below is a table of each Toronto City Councillor’s stance on Water Fluoridation. With the municipal election fast approaching now is a great opportunity to effect positive change. Please contact your city councillors and let them know how you feel about their stances (or lack thereof) on water fluoridation in Toronto, and vote accordingly! This blog post will be updated if any councillors respond after it is posted.

Concerned About Water   Fluoridation


Supports Water Fluoridation

No Response

Jaye Robinson

Mary-Margaret McMahon

Mike Del Grande

Ron Moeser

Frank DiGorgio

Josh Matlow

Paula Fletcher

Gary Crawford

Raymond Cho

Peter Leon

Gord Perks

Gloria Lindsay Lubay

Ana Bailao

Peter Milczyn

Joe Mihevc

Mark Grimes

John Filion

James Pasternack

Pam McConnell

Frances Nunziata

Shelley Carrol

Sarah Doucette

Michelle Berardinetti

Chin Lee

Vincent Crisanti

Mike Layton

Doug Ford

Adam Vaughan

Giorgio Mammoliti

David Shiner

Anthony Peruzza

John Parker

Maria Augimeri

Kristyn Wong-Tam

Josh Colle

Mary Fragedakis

Karen Stinz

Janet Davis

Michael Thompson

Glen De Baeremaeker

Cesar Palacio

Denzil Minnan Wong

Norm Kelly

Paul Ainslee

Here is a link to the councillors’ office contact information, and you can find many of them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Please contact them and let them know how you feel about their position on artificial water fluoridation in Toronto, as well as why you think it should be halted!

2 thoughts on “Toronto City Councillors’ Stances on Water Fluoridation in Toronto

  1. Most countries and many Canadian communities are rejecting or are halting the artificial fluoridation of water supplies.

    Thousands of independent Health Professionals, Scientists and EPA Union members are warning about the detrimental health effects of community water fluoridation.

    As a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, I would never recommend fluoride be ingested to prevent dental disease. Ingesting a toxic, cumulative drug with no margin of safety and no dosage control is irresponsible and a health danger. There are so many other factors to consider when it comes to dental health, that are being ignored such as reduction of sugary foods, lack of vitamin D, poor dental hygiene, etc.

    Since 1950, endorsements have been used to promote fluoridation and citizens have been lured into believing this practice on the basis of “authority” not on the basis of any scientific evidence of effectiveness or safety.

    If any of you have studied both sides of this contentious issue, it is obvious that fluoridation must end or we will all suffer the ill effects of this cumulative toxin which is ubiquitous and hidden in our foods and beverages, dental products, drugs etc.

  2. Not only is fluoride a chief cause of osteosarcoma, it is also is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone should read the book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” by Jim Marrs. He explains about how fluoride, a rat poison by the way, was used by the Nazis in concentration camps. Europe did away with fluoride in their water years ago.

    See you Saturday. I’m so happy that Torontonians are finally waking up. We must force politicians to stop killing us.

    Linda Ziff

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