5,000 Signatures Reached to End Artificial Water Fluoridation in Toronto

End Fluoride Toronto was established one and a half years ago and this week we have reached a very significant milestone together. A few days ago our change.org petition asking Toronto City Council to end artificial water fluoridation reached 5,000 signatures. This is amazing news. Even better, we are gaining more support everyday. The word is out and people are waking up to the reality of artificial water fluoridation here and across the world. Europeans exercise a very important practice called the "Precautionary Principle" which states that "in the absence of scientific consensus that an action is not harmful, the burden of proof that the action is not harmful falls on those taking the action." With the published Harvard study "Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" showing a potential adverse effect of fluoride on our children's developing brains, why would our politicians not end the practice immediately until a thorough investigation looking at all available data completely discredited the Harvard study?

This Harvard study is saying that Toronto City Council is directly responsible for putting a chemical into the water supply that is making our children less intelligent. To continue the practice when presented with this information, when 95% of the world has said "no", when Israel just banned artificial water fluoridation across the entire country, without immediately performing due diligence to ensure 100% beyond any and all reasonable doubt, goes against the Precautionary Principle and more importantly, sound judgement.

Politicians should not be able to add any chemical medication to the water supply!

If there is any doubt that fluoride is making our children less intelligent, and this Harvard study is showing us just that, why would anyone continue adding it to the water supply?

We are going to reach 10,000 signatures on our petition to end artificial water fluoridation in Toronto. Then we will hit 100,000 signatures to end artificial water fluoridation in Toronto. And when we end this barbaric practice in Toronto we will end it across Canada and then across the United States and the world.

95% of the world has woken up to the reality of artificial water fluoridation. Soon we will too.

Thank you for your support. Please sign the petition, share and send to your local City Councillor, Toronto Board of Health, MPP, Premier, and Prime Minister.