Mississauga Resident Taking Peel Region to Court

artificial fluoridation of Toronto's water supply

When I first met Liesa Cianchino, I was impressed by her enthusiasm and outspoken opinion about the artificial fluoridation of Toronto's water supply. Now I can see just how deep her devotion goes. She has a remarkable drive which has become more apparent after the announcement of her new lawsuit against the Region of Peel here in Ontario, Canada. First and foremost, you have to understand that it takes a huge amount of conviction, and personal sacrifice to do something like sue an entire regional council over the claim (fact) that artificial water fluoridation poses many more risks than benefits to the general population. We have been inundated our entire lives with the false promise that adding hydrofluosilicic acid to the water supply (fluoride) that we then ingest into our bodies and brains is somehow magically going to save our teeth from dental decay when in reality our teeth are protected by a regiment of proper dental care and limited exposure to decaying sugars. Standing up and taking a firm stance in he face of such adversity is enviable in the very least.

Second, this case acts as a lesson that even when we are told something by people in authority it is imperative for every individual in any society to question the information that is presented on an ongoing basis. We must question facts, figures and who is behind putting that information together. If your dentist says that drinking fluoride is good, don't nod your head in agreement. Ask for proof.  Ask questions like "As an oral health care specialist, what qualifications do you have concerning the ingestion of chemicals into the human body?" and "Which studies show that ingesting this chemical is actually good for your teeth?" The blind regurgitation of misinformation must stop.

I commend Ms. Cianchino and wish her the absolute best of luck in this incredible endeavor. Please stay tuned for updates on how this lawsuit progresses.

Here is the link to the full CTV news article: