New Study Shows Strong Correlation Between Fluoride and ADHD

ADHD linked to fluoride

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become a prominent cause for concern within developed nations. Many blame video games or even ‘on-the-go’ cultures for producing ADHD in children. However, a new study released by the Department of Psychology at Toronto’s York University indicates that ADHD could in fact be linked to water fluoridation. Studying data from children ranging from the ages of four to seventeen along with the CDC’s own data regarding state water fluoridation levels, the researchers discovered a marked link between children suffering from ADHD and concentrated public water fluoridation. The team concluded that “this study has empirically demonstrated an association between more widespread exposure to fluoridated water and increased ADHD prevalence in the United States.”

Previous studies have shown a number of chemicals, including fluoride, are linked with brain disorders in children. As well, rats exposed to fluoride have been shown to exhibit ADHD-like symptoms but no studies of this magnitude have ever been released specifically looking at the link between fluoride and ADHD.

The researchers pointed out that the United States happens to be the most heavily fluoridated country in the world, with nearly 75% of all citizens receiving fluoridated water through their public water supplies. They also have one of the highest levels of ADHD in the world (1 in 20 according to the US National Library of Medicine). With evidence now showing a link between toxic fluoride and ADHD, it really is no wonder that so many adolescents suffer from the disorder in the US.

Although this study is correlational, a very strong link has been shown. Given the medical options that those suffering from ADHD are provided with, which are almost always prescribed medications such as Ritalin and Metadate, should this study not prompt immediate action? Is the suffering of thousands if not millions of people not enough?

Further research regarding water fluoridation and ADHD should be conducted immediately. In the meantime, these findings should halt the practice altogether until our so-called medical "authorities" prove otherwise.