Region of Peel Passes Motion Asking Province of Ontario to Test Fluoride Toxicity

Brampton councillor Michael Palleschi recently presented a motion at the Regional Council of Peel asking for the Ontario Government to provide comprehensive toxicity tests on fluoride being added to water supplies across Ontario. After significant debate at Peel council, with arguments heard for and against the addition of fluoride to the water supply, this motion is putting the onus back on the province to either provide comprehensive tests of the product used to fluoridate, or to assume legislative responsibility, and therefore liability, for the artificial fluoridation of Ontario's water supplies. Gaining coverage in an article recently posted in the Brampton Guardian, the writing style used by journalist Roger Belgrave to cover this important event and motion looks biased. Although starting the article with impartiality, the second half turns pro-fluoridation with a quote like “The vast majority of the scientific community does support (water fluoridation).” and ending with “Peel had this same debate more than five years ago and decided to continue fluoridation.” Even the cover image used for the article is of the one and only councillor, Martin Medeiros, who opposed the motion with the caption “Brampton Coun. Martin Medeiros says he is ready to vote on water fluoridation and is in favour of continuing the practice based on information presented by staff.

Shouldn’t the cover show the entire council with a caption like “Peel Regional Council overwhelmingly votes for the Province of Ontario to do their job.”?

The Brampton Guardian article also makes mention that the product used to fluoridate the water supply is hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA) which is “produced” from phosphorite rock. This makes it seem like fluoride is intentionally being manufactured from the mining of this rock. However, mining phosphorite rock is not done to produce fluoride; fluoride is a by-product of this mining process. Companies in the United States and abroad dig up the earth to produce products like fertilizer and aluminum. When soil is dug up, huge amounts of contaminants are dug up with it. Furthermore, the soil requires processing to produce the desired end-products which results in massive amounts of by-products like hydrofluosilicic acid. HFSA is stored in tail ponds where trucks pull up and suck it out delivering it directly to your tap.

Where does fluoride come from?

Regardless, what this Region of Peel motion is showing, is that neither the cities nor the Ontario provincial government are doing any independent toxicity or chemical analyses of this product randomly or on an ongoing basis. Your water is filtered to ensure purity and cleansing of contaminants and then fluoride (HFSA) is added to the water after the filtration process and the people in charge of adding it have absolutely no idea whether the product is contaminated.

Let me say that again: The water supply is filtered/purified for delivery to your tap, and then an untested product, potentially seriously contaminated with arsenic, lead, mercury, and radionuclides, is being added AFTER the filtration process.

This motion is extremely important. It finally places responsibility on the Ontario government to not only test HFSA but to ensure it is not contaminated with additional by-products. I would like to extend a great thank you to all of the brave councillors of Peel who are putting this forward to the Ontario government so that we can start getting some real answers. We the People demand the results of these tests immediately and on an ongoing basis and if co-contaminants are found, we demand HFSA be removed.

Only one councillor voted against the motion: Martin Medeiros. Why not give him a call and ask him to reconsider his position?