Top 4 Reasons Why Adding Medication to Water is Wrong

Why Adding Medication to Water is Wrong

There are many reasons why medication of any kind should not and cannot be distributed through a water supply. Here are the top 4 reasons:

1) Everyone Receives a Different Dosage

By government mandate, Toronto Water adds a very precise dose of the medication hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) to the water at around 0.6 ppm. However, depending on how much water you drink, this provides for a very large range of dosages especially over the span of a lifetime.

If I drink 4 litres of water per day and you drink 1 litre of water per day, that means that I am effectively consuming 4 times the amount of fluoride as you are each day. This is especially problematic for those who drink a large amount of water including firemen, diabetics, and athletes. Coupled with all of the other fluoride we ingest through sources such as beverages, foods, and toothpastes, the dosage for all of us is very different.

So although dose in water is accurate, individual dosage is all over the map... Very scientific.

2) Violation of Our Human Right to Informed Consent

Informed consent is the basis of any ethical medical practice. Your doctor has the obligation, the duty, to inform you of the risks and rewards of taking a particular medication or obtaining a certain procedure and only you can make the decision of what happens to or what you put into your body. When medication is added to the water without your consent based on the vote of a handful of municipal Councillors, this right is in effect, abolished.

It is our right to opt in or opt out regarding our own bodies and our own minds. Allowing the government to make medical decisions for us paves the way for unintended consequences.

3) Unintended Consequences

Even with best intentions, it is extremely difficult to understand what the long-term effects will be when introducing something foreign to a large population.

It is no secret that fluoride is the main cause of dental fluorosis, hence the name. Fluorosis can be an extremely debilitating syndrome resulting in serious mottling of the teeth and increased personal, emotional dissatisfaction. With increased levels of fluoride intake to help "reduce tooth decay", the rates of fluorosis in the US have sky-rocketed to over 40% of the adolescent population having at least mild fluorosis. Over 3% of the US adolescent population are now suffering from "Moderate or Severe Dental Fluorosis".

4) Limitation of Government Power

Coinciding with our basic human right to informed consent, it is not ethically sound for any governmental body to make medical decisions on our behalf without our permission. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

When the right of the individual is quashed by government, the ability of the person to make their own informed choice is taken away. The government does not know what is best for you or your family... Only you do.

This is not just about getting the fluoride out of Toronto's water. This is about getting fluoride out of Toronto's water and making it illegal for the government to add any medication to the water under any circumstance... period.