URGENT - Ontario MPP Bob Delaney Trying to Force Fluoride on All Ontarians

Bob Delaney

This is a critical moment for the history of artificial water fluoridation in Ontario, Canada.

After years of hard work and many great successes to end artificial water fluoridation, Ontario MPP Bob Delaney has introduced a petition to the Ontario Legislature to "make the fluoridation of municipal drinking water mandatory in all municipal water systems across the Province of Ontario."

You can see the video of Mr. Delaney's motion in the Legislature on youtube here.

Mr. Delaney makes extraordinary false claims during his reading:

1) We are adding the same fluoride to the water that is "naturally found in water everywhere." FALSE

We are not adding a natural fluoride to our drinking water. In Toronto, we are currently adding a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate and aluminum industries to our water called hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA). The fluoride found in most toothpastes is a filtered form of this chemical however there is still a mandatory "Do Not Swallow - Poison" warning on all packaging. HFSA has also been found to be heavily contaminated with arsenic and should never be ingested.

2) Drinking fluoridated water makes the outer layer of the teeth stronger resulting in less cavities. FALSE

The largest study ever conducted in the US on fluoride and the impact on dental decay found that there was no significant difference in dental decay between those living in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities (Brunelle & Carlos, 1990). Their research found that out of the 128 tooth surfaces in the mouth, fluoridated water may have decreased the amount of decayed, missing and filled tooth surfaces by 0.6 out of 128. Who would want to ingest a chemical that the EPA has determined has a substantial amount of developmental neurotoxicity to save 10% of 1 tooth over an entire lifetime?

3) "I did benefit from municipal drinking water all my life in 3 provinces." FALSE

Mr. Delaney makes it sound like Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are all heavily fluoridated when in fact Quebec and British Columbia have some of the lowest rates of artificial water fluoridation in Canada. When the difference between Ontario and Quebec was studied by Statistics Canada, even their results showed that fluoridation may not do much for cavities. The results of the latest study on the effects of Calgary's discontinuation of water fluoridation will be published (hopefully) in the spring and that should provide a much clearer picture on what will happen when Canada ends the practice.

The only truthful part of Mr. Delaney's commentary is his statement that "...tooth decay and gum disease are not only preventable, they are easy to prevent..." However not by fluoridating the water supply with a known neurotoxin, but by brushing at least twice a day, flossing everyday, eating a well-balanced diet and reducing sugar intake.

Please email Mr. Delaney and let him know that we will not stand for this and we did not ask for this. It is not the job of government to add chemicals to our water supply.


Even better, call Mr. Delaney's office as soon as possible to speak up. His assistant will mark down that another concerned citizen has called. If enough people call, action can lead to change.

Office Telephone #: (905) 569-1643

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bobdelaneympp