Why the Province of Ontario and the Federal Canadian Government Will Not Mandate Water Fluoridation

In Canada, artificial water fluoridation is mandated at the municipal level. Hundreds of separate regional councils review, debate, administer, purchase chemicals for, and discuss artificial water fluoridation independently across Ontario and the rest of the country. As reported in my past post Region of Peel passes motion asking province of Ontario to test fluoride toxicity, the Regional Council of Peel passed a motion almost unanimously requesting the Province of Ontario to test the product being used to fluoridate our water supplies otherwise to take legislative responsibility for the addition of this product. At first glance, this motion seemed incredibly reasonable however I am not holding my breath for the Province of Ontario to take responsibility for province-wide fluoridation now or ever. Over the past 70 years, both the liberal and conservative track records on fluoridation have been abysmal where the unsubstantiated mantra that "Fluoridation is one of the 10 greatest health achievements of all time" has bypassed any and all figment of rationality and current science. The idea of "political responsibility" for artificial water fluoridation here and abroad can be likened to Bill Clinton claiming that he "did not inhale." There is no responsibility in government. Once voted in, all promises can be broken, and no accountability had regardless of the wishes of the people. That is of course unless the apathetic public unites for public accountability which is, unfortunately, very unlikely.

Public apathy is still not the reason why Ontario won't take enthusiastic responsibility for municipal artificial water fluoridation. The real reason is liability. If the province takes responsibility, they will then be liable for the massive issue of co-contaminants being found in the product used to fluoridate our water supply. Lead, arsenic, mercury, radionuclides and more are all co-contaminants which have been found in hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA) or what the General Public has been brainwashed to believe is fluoride. Furthermore, when the lid gets blown off that ingesting HFSA does absolutely nothing to prevent tooth decay and actually causes an array of disease, the liability associated with the responsibility of fluoride administration increases dramatically giving less reason for Ontario to take over.

Liability aside, from a strictly financial and economic point of view, having hundreds of regional councils across Ontario and Canada legislating and administering HFSA into all the various water supplies on their own, compared to centralized provinces or the federal government, does not make sense. It is so much more inefficient and expensive for every single municipality to manage fluoridation versus the provinces or the federal government. Centralized control would result in millions of dollars of tax savings every year. However, the majority of Canadians do not receive artificially fluoridated water! Therefore, if the federal government suddenly mandated fluoridation for the 20,000,000 Canadians who do not currently receive it, the result would be increased financial responsibility and quite possibly, political suicide.

This motion is going nowhere unless we continue to fight! We must continue to fight at the regional level for the purity of all of our water supplies. The ongoing lawsuit against the Region of Peel will be a milestone in the near future. There is simply too much information to disregard the harm associated with ingesting fluoride and the discrepancies on whether fluoride even works.

One region at a time will fall. Peel, Brampton, Mississauga are next then Toronto, then Canada, then the USA, then the remaining 3% of the world. Phosphate, aluminum and chemical companies will have to figure out another way to dispose of their toxic waste.

Please stay tuned for my next post where I will be releasing the details of my latest Freedom of Information Act request from the City of Toronto proving once-and-for-all that co-contaminants are actively being added to Toronto's water supply through the chemical used to fluoridate our water hydrofluosilicic acid.