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Fluoride Free New Zealand Releases New "Controversial" TV Ads

When you look beyond what you are being told, and do your own research on topics such as artificial water fluoridation, the truth sometimes becomes so ridiculously apparent, that it is painful to read articles like this one recently posted from in New Zealand "Anti-fluoride group air controversial TV ads." The mere title frames the article in a way that immediately places bias…

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Brampton Focus Covers Lawsuit to Stop Artificial Water Fluoridation - Video

The fight continues. Brampton Focus has released yet another video on artificial water fluoridation this time specifically discussing the lawsuit to end fluoridation in the Region of Peel and one Councillor's informed opinion on the subject. Please watch. Share. Email your local city Councillor and let them know that mass medication via the water supply is completely unacceptable.

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New Documentary – Fluoride: Poison on Tap

Using the public water supply to deliver medication to all humans regardless of age, sex, health status and pre-existing conditions is nothing short of insanity. Everyone drinks a different amount of water and therefore everyone drinks a different amount of medication! Any doctor who claims that this unregulated form of mass medication delivery is alright should be discharged for incompetence and negligence.

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