Brampton Focus Covers Lawsuit to Stop Artificial Water Fluoridation - Video


The fight continues. Brampton Focus has released yet another video on artificial water fluoridation this time specifically discussing the lawsuit to end fluoridation in the Region of Peel and one Councillor's informed opinion on the subject. Please watch. Share. Email your local city Councillor and let them know that mass medication via the water supply is completely unacceptable.

The first interview begins with Regional Councillor John Sprovieri (Wards 9 and 10) who has been researching the issue of artificial water fluoridation for 5 years. He has now become outspoken on the issue saying "The chemical compound used to fluoridate our water is a toxic waste called hydrofluosilicic acid. If Health Canada was to take responsibility to mandate it they would have to regulate it just like they regulate fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in gels and fluoride rinses. These are all regulated by Health Canada but they don't regulate the fluoride in our water because it's not a pharmaceutical grade like the others are so if they were to try to regulate it, it would not meet their standards because it would violate the Food and Drugs Act. The Food and Drugs Act is administered by the Federal Government, Health Canada and it specifically says they cannot put anything in our food (or water) that is toxic or is dirty or is prepared in an unsanitary manner."

Up next Miss Liesa Cianchino from Concerned Residents of Peel continues her incredible fight to end artificial water fluoridation with host Michael Charbon saying "The social media response to our initial show was huge."

Miss Cianchino follows by saying "... artificial water fluoridation is a threat to public health and this is why we have launched the lawsuit. Our belief is it's our health, it's our right, and it's our choice."

Lawyer Nader Hassan is then quoted as saying "There are a number of strong legal arguments as to why artificial water fluoridation is not only bad policy but is also illegal and unconstitutional. It is a principle of Canadian constitutional law that the government is not allowed to enact any law or policy that affects the health of Canadians where the benefits are grossly disproportionate in relation to the harm."

"Although in Peel the political heads appear to be pro-fluoridation, across Canada it is very much divided. BC is almost 100% de-fluoridated... It is divided across the country."

With so much information now so readily available on the origins of fluoride, the uses of, side effects, and illegality of mass medication using the public water supply, I can see with great and logical hope that fluoridation will end soon. Peel, Toronto, Canada and the US will open their eyes to what 95% of the world already knows: Artificial water fluoridation is unnecessary, illegal, ineffective and violates our right to informed consent.

Once again, please watch, share, and do anything you can to help.