Erin Brockovich Calls for End to Water Fluoridation

Well-known environmental activist Erin Brockovich has recently joined the fight against artificial water fluoridation. Comments on her official Facebook page explain "Why EPA Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation." while asking her followers to "Do your own reading." Recently, Erin was named as one of six signatories on an official notice sent to the National Academy of Sciences / Institute of Medicine which stated that "... the Institute of Medicine fails to fulfill its 'mission of asking and answering the nation's most pressing questions about health and health care.'" and that there is "... no evidence of such a scientifically valid safe exposure level for fluoride."

A thorough summary of the known dangers of fluoride is then provided before asking for a retraction on the official fluoride narrative including clarification to the general public and to governmental organizations that "... this toxin is harmful even at very low doses for many in the general public."

Summary: - Fluoride is an enzyme poison and an endocrine disruptor - Fluoride is a potent adjuvant… causing or worsening allergies - Fluoride is a proliferative agent... causing or worsening inflammation - Fluoride accumulates in bones and tissue... causing or worsening arthritis and other ailments - Fluoride impacts thyroid hormones… resulting in both hypo and hyper disorders - Fluoride interferes with glucose metabolism… a concern for diabetics - Fluoride causes dental fluorosis… disproportionately by race and social economic status - Fluoride is neurotoxic to fetuses, infants and young children… resulting in permanent deficits - Fluoride is a burden to kidneys... resulting in increased fluoride retention and possible renal damage in those with kidney disease.

Please take a moment to read the entire letter here:

Erin Brockovich - Official Letter to US National Academy of Science - Institute of Medicine

The fight continues. Years of betrayal are coming to an end. Through the work of so many environmental activists, doctors, lawyers, mothers and you, light is continuing to shine on the government's use of public water supplies as a failed medication delivery system. How many more negative effects will we need to see and experience until the fallacy of water fluoridation as a means to prevent tooth decay, is annihilated forever?

I commend Ms. Brockovich for her courage and on behalf of all safe water advocates, wish her great success.


Chair - End Fluoride Toronto

Founding Member - Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation