Fluoride So Safe US Government Lowers Safe Level

On April 27, 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released a statement stating the recommended level of fluoride will be lowered across the United States. For the past 50 years, the US government has consistently stated that fluoride is safe at 1.2 ppm with the lowest recommended amount being 0.7 ppm. However, the new level will reduce the maximum safe amount to the previous lowest recommended dose at 0.7 ppm. With the US government changing their official position on water fluoridation overnight, several issues come to mind:

1) The government is all but admitting that they have been over-fluoridating the American people for the past 50 years. Changing the recommended amount of fluoridation chemicals being added to the water supply should be a red flag to anyone who believes fluoride is safe. Why would the government change their position if fluoride were 100% safe for ingesting?

2) How are they determining “safe” levels for fluoride to be 0.7 ppm when everyone drinks a different amount of water?

3) Why is 0.7 ppm now the "magic number" for recommended amounts of fluoridation chemicals in the drinking water supply?

In Toronto, our government is putting 0.6 ppm of fluoridation chemicals in the water supply. Interestingly,this is down from 1.2 ppm in 1999 and 0.8 in 2005. At the time, both of these levels were considered to be "safe and effective." So safe and effective that they lowered the level. What changed? Perhaps the realization that people were being over-fluoridated and thus harmed became too apparent to continue the official narrative.

This question is important when determining whether fluoride should be allowed in the water supply in the first place.

The DHHS and municipal governments here at home rarely make changes to their policies, particularly when they have consistently stated that fluoride is a completely harmless substance for decades. Lowering the level strongly shows their lack of authority in the matter, and degrades the possibility of continuing trust, knowing we have been lied to since artificial fluoridation's inception.

Attempting to make a scientific estimation for the appropriate amount of fluoride is an impossible task, thereby leaving the risk of fluoride overdose a strong possibility. This latest statement proves that fluoride is a dangerous substance that should not be allowed into the water supply. Now it would seem, the government has realized the harm that has been done to the general population and has decided to make a drastic transformation to previous policy.

What level of fluoride will be considered "safe and effective" tomorrow?