Fluoride Free Water - A Matter of Liberty

Enough is enough. Can we please come to a consensus that we agree to disagree? Pro-fluoridationists are going to continue to scream and whine that adding hydrofluosilicic acid to the water supply somehow benefits all of humanity by reducing tooth decay without any side effects or specifics on the quantity of fluoride that an individual should ingest on a daily basis for the rest of their life. No study will be produced showing conclusive evidence that fluoridation / mass medication of the public water supply actually reduces tooth decay and no study will be conducted to show the difference in tooth decay between 95% of the world that doesn't fluoridate versus the lonely 5% that does.

We anti-fluoridationsts / pro clean water advocates will continue to fight to ensure the water supply is not used as a pharmaceutical dispensary or waste disposal medium. We will fight to bring awareness to the people that using hydrofluosilicic acid to treat tooth decay is not only ineffective, it is harmful to all of us who have been forced to endure the rule of small groups of city politicians regurgitating the narrative of Chief Medical Officers of “Health”. That using the water supply to deliver any form of medication is nothing more than unscientific nonsense.

The debate may never end. Can we then, come to terms with this and make a truce?

We the people do not consent to any medication being added to our water supply, no matter how beneficial the endorsing agents may deem them to be. We do not consent to politicians making medical decisions on our behalf using bad science and worse logic.

We get it. The 1% vocal minority of well-funded chemical disposal lobbyists have done an incredible job of brainwashing the gullible masses to believe that swallowing fluoride toothpaste is bad but swallowing fluoride water is good.

I do not consent to artificial water fluoridation or for any medication to be added to my water supply. Artificial water fluoridation is a direct violation of my liberties as a Canadian. My rights are being molested for the sake of waste disposal and taking one person’s liberty away for the belief of another is the definition of the violation of liberty.

To the pro-fluoridationists, I wish to inform you that I do not intend on limiting your liberty either. You are free to seek out a doctor to prescribe you fluoride medication for the purpose of reducing tooth decay and you are also then free to ingest the fluoride pills prescribed on a daily basis in unlimited quantities everyday for the rest of your lives every time you drink a glass of water.

That is your liberty.

My liberty is to say no to forced medication via the addition of chemicals to my water supply.

Therefore I wish to declare a truce. We end fluoridation now. We the people will once again have access to clean drinking water free of medications deemed good for us by politicians... and all pro-fluoridationists can continue swallowing fluoride pills everyday for the rest of their lives.