Mass Medication Without Informed Consent is Illegal

Litigation to End Fluoridation

When writing the title for this article, I started by asking the question "Is Mass Medication Without Informed Consent Illegal?" However looking at the arguments for and against mass medication without the consent of the individual, I believe that this is not a question; informed consent is a natural law that must be adhered to in the preservation of freedom and human rights. To ignore that we are currently being medicated through our water supply here in Toronto and beyond without our consent, allows our political representatives to have the power to continue committing this crime against us, while opening the doors to the possibility of much worse. Some people are standing up in the face of adversity and absurdity and are committing to help end mass medication via artificial water fluoridation. Lawyer Nader Hasan, through the valiant efforts of Liesa Cianchino, has put Peel Regional Council on notice of a pending lawsuit. The courage that Mrs. Cianchino and Mr. Hasan have shown is something we can all learn from and is something that we should strive to emanate in our daily lives.

After reviewing Mr. Hasan's legal arguments on why artificial fluoridation is illegal, there is no way any person of sound mind can debate fluoridation's legitimacy.

1)  Constitutional Argument - Violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Under Section 7 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.”

  • "The Ontario Court of Appeal has held that the right not to be subject to medical treatment without informed consent is an aspect of the security of the person's interest under section 7."

  • Artificial water fluoridation is in "Violation of Gross Disproportionality where harmful effects are proportionately worse than the proposed benefit "reduced tooth decay."

2) Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act Violation

  • There are no known studies showing the safety of the actual chemical used to artificially fluoridate drinking water hydrofluosilicic acid or hydrofluorosilicic acid also known as HFSA. This chemical waste product is contaminated with a host of heavy metals, radionuclides and other toxins however no studies have been conducted to prove its safety. You cannot find what you are not looking for.

  • Section 20 of the act provides that "No person shall cause or permit anything to enter a drinking water system if it could result in a drinking water health hazard."

3) Violation of the Federal Food and Drugs Act

  • No person shall sell an article of food (including drinks) that has in it any poisonous or harmful substance.

We are now faced with a crumbling, faith-based political ideology backing an out-dated policy that putting industrial, artificial fluoridation chemicals in the public water supply somehow has the effect of "reducing tooth decay" for all with absolutely no risk of harm in spite of mounting evidence proving otherwise.

This is not just about fluoride. This is about limiting the government's ability to add anything to the water to treat you and your children and all of us no matter what they believe to be best. Taking any medication is a personal decision made between the patient and doctor. Politicians do not have the credentials, the responsibility or the right to medicate anyone at anytime.

Our right to informed consent supersedes the government's agenda to mass medicate. We better start exercising that right.